Bada To Become Open-Source Next Year

After the answer to the rumors about Samsung buying WebOS being a resounding “no”, the next question is what will Samsung do about Google’s acquisition of Motorola. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company will be taking the fight to Google head on by focusing on its own mobile platform Bada and reduce its reliance on the Android OS.

Samsung plans to turn its Bada OS into a software suite capable of being used in smartphones and smart TV’s, similar to what Google’s Android OS does currently with its smartphone, tablet and TV set-top box services. Samsung plans to use its already large share in the smartphone market and bring third party developers to the Bada platform to help adapt and create new tools and services for the software.

Since Bada’s first launch in 2009 on the Samsung Wave, the sales in Europe and Asia have managed to top one million worldwide sales in just four weeks from launch, with the Samsung recently launching three new Bada smartphones in Asia. The platform itself has a few steps to tackle but there is no reason why the Bada OS can’t reach Android competitor status if nurtured the right way.


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