Windows 8 Can Make and Receive Calls

The developer version of Windows 8 has been released, we knew it wouldn’t be long before we would start seeing some cool Windows 8 features. Long Zheng a famous developer for Windows and Windows Phone 7. He posted 3 different photos which were related to Windows 8, each showing different parts of the Windows 8 UI that suggest it will have calling ability.

From Long Zheng:

I love it when puzzle pieces seems to just fall into place. If the three pieces I found yesterday were any indication then it looks as if some Windows 8 slates will actually have the capability to make and receive phone calls through the cellular network. Cue the giant Windows Phone jokes.

The picture that shows the Missed Calls tile was first shown at BUILD 2011 which showed tiles and notifications for Windows 8. A second photo also was shown at a demo by Windows Live which was in the People app that would give the ability to either call or email or even SMS and Chat with the person displayed.

More evidence that Windows 8 may be able to make phone calls was shown by Rafael Rivera who analyzed the system configuration and found an Option wireless chip. The chip is capable of supporting WiFi, GPS and 3G capability. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft implements a calling feature into Windows 8 upon release.

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