Minecraft 1.8 Released

Today marks the launch of Minecraft version 1.8, the first half of the Adventure Update. Notch promises that the rest will come eventually. Update your client and log on to experience all of the updates that have taken place.


We released Minecraft Beta 1.8! It’s the first half of the Adventure Update, with the remainder coming eventually!

Looking around the office, everyone appears to be keeping busy. Jens is working on some content for the Nether, Daniel and Jakob are trying to finish up an internal Scrolls demo for tomorrow, I’m working on Snow biomes, Tobias is rubbing his temples and cursing (which is normal behavior for web developers), Daniel is talking to someone in the hallway, and Mattis is hunched over a tablet. I can’t see the rest of the team from here.

I think we may have hired someone to do economics and accounting and all that. That would be neat.

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