top Releases Free App for iPhone is a website aimed at bringing the social networking aspect into Politics which is geared towards the American voter. The site contains chat rooms, forums, friends, and information on current bills among many other features for members. The site went live on July 4th of this year and has just released an App for the iPhone on the iTunes Marketplace.

Because nothing says Politics like IMKFight

The App allows users to upload videos and pictures as well as attend functions and share with users groups on the forums. The App also supports the Chat feature so users can keep in contact with other members, see what friends are doing, and voice users outrage or support for the news a user might have missed.

In addition to supporting chat, the new App also alerts users when they have new notifications so there is never a worry about missing a comment, a call to action or a new headline that friends felt were important enough to share.

The iPhone App is free and can be downloaded on the Marketplace or through iTunes.


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