YouTube Founders To Revamp Delicious

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen the original founders of YouTube have been looking for a new project. They have set their eyes on Delicious which was owned by Yahoo until recently.

Yahoo had planned on closing the site due to the lack of popularity as of late. The site was just lacking the ability to catch on to broader audiences, it was too focused.

“What we plan to do,” Mr. Hurley said in an interview here last week, “is try to introduce Delicious to the rest of the world.”

Delicious was created in 2003 and allowed people from around the web to save links and organize them with tags. Yahoo purchased the site in 2005 but never did anything with it.

Chen and Hurley have thought that delicious might be able to solve the information discovery problem present on the internet with their help.

When the new service launches later this year it will resemble the current service but there will be a complete overhaul. The overhaul includes the overall site design, software, and the tag system.

They quickly noticed that the home page of Delicious features a cascade of blue links, however most of the links are related to technology. The new Delicious will be more well rounded and include links from all types of topics.

The biggest challenge that Hurley and Chen face it to get people to adopt the service with their already overloaded social streams.

It will indeed be interesting to see this transformation take place, for now keep an eye on Delicious.

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