Duck Hunt Replica Made Using Minecraft 1.8 Update

Minecraft players have a knack for crafting very unique creations ranging from the Starship Enterprise to Hogwarts, but building replicas is not the only thing players limit themselves to. The 1.8 update has been available for a little under 48 hours, yet players have already begun to use the update’s new mechanics to create unique and entertaining constructions.

A player by the name of Sethbling has constructed a replica of Duck Hunt. While the game does not feature ducks, it does manage to re-create the nostalgia of our 8-bit NES days. The replica shoots mine carts at random times and locations. You must use the bow and arrow to shoot them down, and similar to the game, if you miss, a wolf will pop up and re-create the laughing dog from the original Duck Hunt. How considerate of him to include the annoyance of missing, because it wasn’t nearly annoying enough in the original.

The video below shows Sethbling using the Duck Hunt re-creation, and it looks to be similar to a carnival game, you simply press the button, stand in front of the fence, and fire! It never ceases to amaze me the speed and creativity Minecraft players exhibit with their creations. If something this creative was made in less than 48 hours of the patch’s release, I can only imagine what crazier things will be made in a week or a month.

You can download the Duck Hunt replica to play for yourself; here.


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