Nike Air MAG From Back to the Future: Buy It Now, Be Cool

Travel Back to the Future with Nike Air MAG

Remember those awesome self lacing shoes that Marty was wearing in Back to The Future II? They had a Nike swoosh on them back then and now Nike is going to make 1,500 of them for some very lucky buyers. The shoe is called the Nike Air MAG.
Michael J. Fox demoed the shoes on the Tonight Show with David Letterman the other night. Fox said that the shoes would be sold to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

There will only be 1,500 of them made and will probably go for around $4,000 apiece, but if you are a hardcore Back To The Future fan you gotta have ’em.

This shoe has been the most anticipated shoe from Nike ever since the 1989 movie was originally aired. The shoe comes complete with LED lights which become active with a pinch of the ear of the shoe. They do not have the automatic laces like the movie but they are still cool.

Nike CEO Matt Parker made a statement on the release of the shoe:

“We wanted to translate the excitement people have for the ‘greatest shoe never made’ and for the Back to the Future into positive action, But the long term objective is to raise awareness so the Foundation can achieve their goal of eradicating Parkinson’s disease.”

You can bid on the shoes here at Nike on Ebay. Check out the video below and see the shoe in action!

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