Netflix Now Limits To One Stream At A Time

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Until recently, Netflix users could stream to two devices at the same time per account. This feature was very useful say if you had a family and wanted to watch different things on each TV.

Now Netflix has removed that ability to watch more than one stream at a time and has added higher pricing if you wish to continue to do so. For example, the new pricing is as follows:

  • two streams will cost $19.98/month or two DVD’s at a time
  • three streams or three DVDs $23.98/month
  • four streams or four DVDs $29.98/month

This comes at the same time that Netflix introduces higher rate plans for streaming and DVD rentals at the same time. It also comes shortly after the news that Netflix will lose all content brought by the Starz network. Netflix is starting to not look so great these days with the price hikes, streaming restrictions, and loss of content.

This new change has saddened me because I used Netflix in this manner many times and it worked out pretty well. However I can see the economic hurt it can place on a company like Netflix. It can be seen as someone viewing Netflix without actually paying for it.

As always remember to also check our Unofficial Netflix Service Status for Netflix outages.


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