Trident Case Kraken II Review for iPhone 4

The fine people over at Trident Case sent us over one of their Kraken series iPhone 4 cases to try out. I must say that at first glance this case looks daunting.

The Kraken II case was easy to slip my iPhone 4 into. The case offers full protection for the iPhone 4 including dust protection, scratch protection, drop protection, and even covers up the silent button so it cannot be bumped. To offer the screen scratch protection, the Kraken case has a screen cover built right into the case. One unique feature is a kickstand built directly into the back of the case so you can easily prop up the iPhone 4 for easy viewing of videos.


This case is very nice, it feels very solid on the iPhone and very protective without limiting any of the function. The only drawback to this much protection offered by the case it the extra bulk. The Kraken II also came with a belt clip accessory in-case you need to attach it to yourself for easy access. Overall I would rate this case a solid 4.5/5 Gears which is damn good!

Full feature list below:

Key Features:

Three-Layer Protection

1- Impact-insulating silicone
2- Durable polycarbonate shell
3- High quality screen protector (with installation kit)

Double-Enforced Corners

All Kraken Series cases are designed to handle substantial drops and other impacts. Each corner of the Kraken II for iPhone 4 features reinforced, shock absorbing silicone for extra protection.

Dust and Debris Insulation

The case comes with permanently attached dust filters over speaker and microphone bays to block even the most miniscule speck of debris. Audio and power jacks are both covered under the silicone skin with firm, removable plugs.

Removable Sleeve for Easy Docking

The bottom of the case features a removable silicone sleeve which allows the case to be placed in a docking station without the hassle of removing the case.

Convenient Holster

The case comes with a simple but reliable holster. It clips securely onto a belt and has a quick-release clip for easy access.

Built-in Kickstand

The built-in aluminum kickstand allows the user to set the device up for media viewing without having to remove the case.

Materials and Dimensions

The plastic covers are made of polycarbonate and the skin is silicone. All materials are 100% RoHS compliant.

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