DualStix by TekGoblin Episode 7

Dual Stix episode 7 consoled

today’s episode

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Conner (kanswerus) – oblivion, el shaddai, COD
Chris (GC cobra X) – borderlands, pocket god, COD
Trenton (willefrbottm) – Deus ex, war hammer space marine, toy soldiers cold war, el shaddai, COD

In the main screen we discuss the current line of consoles which are being released with limited editions or lack there of in most cases and
we talk about why and why not some companies have special edition systems.

Do you buy special edition systems? why or why not?


We talk about the Xbox failing in Japan and the many reasons for it. We also talk about the release of El shaddai and the controversy surrounding the games religious themes.

Why do you think Xbox failed in Japan?

do you think the controversy of el shaddai will only push sales?

Retro 5

Trenton- willefrbottm
Conner- kanswerus
Chris- GC cobra X

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