Update: Police Impersonators Look For Missing iPhone 5

Recently we posted about some

police impersonators who were looking for an iPhone 5 prototype. We have an update for this story. In contradiction to previous statements stating that there were no records of police involvement in the search for the lost prototype, San Francisco Police Department spokesman Lt. Troy Dangerfield now tells us that “three or four” SFPD officers accompanied two Apple security officials in an unusual search of Calderón’s home. Dangerfield said that the SFPD did not enter the home and that Apple’s detectives did the investigative work.
Calderón confirmed that “only two of the six people who came to his home actually entered the house.” He was told that the two who entered his house were SFPD. He said that if he had known that if they were not SFPD he would not have allowed them in. It still remains unclear whether these actions may be prosecuted as impersonation of police officers.
The motivation behind SFPD’s initial denial of involvement is also unclear.

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