Hogwarts Castle brings Iconic Magical School to Minecraft

Lately there has been a trend of replicating worlds or places from movies, most recently is the impressive recreation of Mordor from Lord of the Rings. While this is not the first attempt at making the memorable school of wizardry, it is by far the most detailed I have seen. The Hogwarts castle is not just for looks however, all the memorable rooms are all in full detail, from the dinning hall to the massive staircase. It is another impressive replica, with nothing left out. While I am not a big Harry Potter buff, the world save is available download so your Harry Potter skins can finally be put to some good use while you and some friends practice magic and relive the movie. Just just hope Voldemort doesn’t unleash the wave of creepers upon you, because no magic can save you from a creeper invasion.

Here are the videos showing off the impressive replica;

You can download the save here.

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