Sprint raising Upgrade Fee to $36 starting September 9th

Just a day after one of our staff members reported on Sprint raising the price on early termination fees on select devices, they are back at it again. Sprint will be hiking their “upgrade fee” price from the existing cost of $18 to $36 starting September 9th. The “upgrade fee” is a one-time cost that subscribers pay when they upgrade their handsets with Sprint. This charge almost seems comical because it simply charges consumers more money to commit to a carrier even longer. AT&T and T-Mobile also share in the practice of charging upgrade fees, while Verizon Wireless does not charge such a fee for existing customers to upgrade their handsets.

The fee will really start to affect those who upgrade a family plan of phones at the same time, though Sprint says they will cap the fees at a maximum of $150. The cap will probably only apply to those upgrading within the same billing cycle. Sprint is raising prices at a time when they are not the most popular of the major 4 carriers in the U.S., and they could use all the good press they can get. Raising prices is never good for consumers.


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