Movie Mount for iPad 2 by Makayama

For you serious movie makers on the iPad 2, Makayama has created a Movie Mount gadget to connect the iPad 2 to a tripod. Although the iPad 2 does not have as good of a camera as the iPhone 4 it could still be quite fun to use this tool for capturing video. Makayama has even gone as far as created an iPad app that will help with capturing the best video.

The Movie Mount is currently up for pre-order for $69.99, however I would wait for the iPad 3 to use it because the iPad 3 may have a better camera.


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  • Anonymous

    I agree, waiting for the iPad3 sounds like a more sound plan. However, the argument could be made that this could be a good still photography companion as well. I know that I sure would have liked to have had one when I was stuck in Chicago without my DSLR, limited only to the option of taking photos on my iPad2 with Hipstamatic or PhotoBooth.

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