Watch TWiT Live with TWiTPad

If you like to watch This Week in Tech or TWiT for short with Leo Laporte then you will love TWiTPad for the iPad. This iPad app was created by ShiftKeySoftware and Craig Mullaney for your TWiT viewing pleasure.

Now the app is very simple, upon launch you jump right into the TWiT Live stream which can be also found on The app gives you the choice to stream through JustinTV or uStream, the app also gives you the option to listen to just the audio stream. There are also some easter eggs available which include the TWiT Dropcam live from TWiT studios and the GizWiz Boat Cam both of which may or may not be permanent.

The stream quality on the iPad is directly affected by the quality of your WiFi connection. The app also lets you stream live video over 3G however it will also depend on the area that you are in at the time.

TWiTPad also includes the option to stream audio or video from the TWiT archives so you can listen to any show that you wish at any time. There is also a built in web browser that by default navigates to but can be used to visit virtually any web site if you choose to visit them.

Overall this App is much better than the alternative TWiT app available on the app store. I know the app is not free, but if you are a hardcore fan of TWiT it is worth it.

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