Verizon Disables FTP for Security?

Verizon has announced that it has disabled FTP for standard users hosting sites on their service. Verizon claims that this is in response to security and nothing more. However, users with paid hosting plans through Verizon have not had their FTP access cut off and are still using it. The only users that had the FTP access removed are the free users.

To make this more controversial, Verizon is now charging those users an extra $6 a month to re-enable the FTP service on their accounts. If it’s a security issue, why would they allow the addition of FTP back to their accounts for a fee?

My only guess is that Verizon may have problems with spammers and scammers using their services to solicit services. The addition of the paid FTP policy may slow down their progress on their network, however it is not the solution. I would like to hear more information come out of Verizon on why this change was made and I would like to hear from users on their network whom this has affected. Whats your opinion on this?


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