Creep Up on Enemies with Razor BlackWidow Stealth Edition

Have you ever been in the heat of a good match, and right as you see an enemy sniper with his back exposed you race towards it but aren’t fast enough before he turns around? Razor has released a keyboard to solve your dilemma of having ninja like speed and reflexes with the BlackWidow Stealth Edition. The keyboard comes in both Standard and Ultimate versions and are refitted with a keyset that offers tactility but with quieter feedback for the new ninja’s on the battlefield.

“Where the first Razer BlackWidow can be likened to a barbarian ploughing through enemies with ease, the Stealth Edition of this mechanical keyboard is the ninja who sneaks up on opponents
unexpectedly to take them down in a quick blur,” said Robert “RazerGuy” Krakoff, President, Razer USA.  “Quieter feedback on the keys, lighter actuation force, extreme anti-ghosting on the Ultimate
version, and a new matte black finish make the Stealth Edition of the Razer BlackWidow keyboards the best choice for the unassuming but extremely deadly gamer.”

The Razor BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition mechanical keyboard delivers the same rapid-fire key press and tactile feedback as its predecessor, only now much quieter than before. The keyboard also has complete anti-ghosting on the entire keyset allowing up to 6 simultaneous key presses so multiple commands or actions can be executed at the same time. With the addition of a backlighting, additional macro keys and on-the-fly macro recording, The Razor BlackWidow Ultimate is a keyboard with limitless power.

Some of the other fancy features this keyboard comes with are; full mechanical keys with 45g actuation force, 1000Hz ultrapolling/1ms response time, gaming mode option for deactivation on the windows key, multi-media control keys, braided cable and much more. The Standard edition comes with slightly fewer features, No backlight or extreme anti-ghosting but is still a great buy for those who don’t want to go all out with the BlackWidow Ultimate.

The Razor BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition is available now for $139.99 / Standard Edition is available for $79.99

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