Apple Wants The 3G Macbook Pro Prototype Back

3G Macbook pro

Carl Frega was the person whom originally put the prototype 3G Macbook Pro on ebay which was up to $70,000 before Apple pulled the auction. Apple has now contacted Frega and would like him to return the prototype Macbook Pro to them.
The Prototype Macbook Pro was originally bought off of Craigslist and then repaired. This is when Frega noticed that it was not just a normal Macbook Pro. After it was taken off ebay, Frega put in on Craigslist and sold it. The new owner had taken it to the Genius Bar at Apple to have it looked at and Apple completely rejected it with the following statement:

Opened machine to observe that nearly every internal part was 3rd party; main logic board, optical drive, display, hard drive, top case, and others. Machine number (W8707003Y53) is also not recognized as a valid number. Proposed Resolution: Denied services; machine has been modified by unauthorized providers beyond repair.

They did not only not notice that the Macbook Pro was  a prototype model, they assumed that the Macbook Pro had non-original parts in it and was modified. Once he found that out he returned the laptop back to Frega and Apple proceeded to contact him and said to return the laptop.

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