Samsung May Buy webOS

After HP’s decision to kill off webOS, there was speculation on who was going to grab the PC business company and its dead OS. A few bets were places on Samsung, who has looked to outsource its notebook orders.

DigiTimes’ sources report that Samsung may very well be considering the purchase of webOS to better compete against Apple and other Android phone makers. With IP wars becoming a trend lately within the mobile industry, and no one is completely safe, Android now has a better position thanks to Motorola’s massive patent trove. HP did make a similar move last year with its purchase of Palm and its patent portfolio. If Samsung was to make a move towards webOS, it may buy itself from desperately needed protection as well.

Though Google promises to leave Android “open,” Motorola will undoubtedly have the upper hand in terms of Android Devices. This has left many Android partners a bit frazzled and possibly looking for their own way to comfortably differentiate. This means that while Android is still up for grabs on the market, Motorola will get the first dibs, which is somewhat unsettling to everyone but Motorola.

Apple has iOS, and HTC has its massive supply chain. Nokia will have Windows Phone 7 Mango, and Motorola will, of course, have Android. That leaves Samsung, who is a strong competitor among the mobile market without anything special to set it apart. While webOS hasn’t been a shining star among mobile platforms, we have yet to see if it has the potential to be a decent OS. From what we’ve seen, webOS merges the beauty of iOS and the multi-tasking ability of Android, but with its lack of apps, there isn’t much to offer. But with a little tweaking from Samsung, it might be just what the company needs to stand out.


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