iZON Puts Home Security on your iPhone

We have seen applications before that allow us to use webcams from our computers or laptops to monitor our homes or children while we are away, but Stem makes monitoring your home more mobile with the new iZON Remote Room Monitor. The iZON is a wireless network camera, app controlled device that can stream both audio and video to your iOS device no matter where you are – as long as you are connected to the internet.

“iZON gives our customers an engaging way to stay connected,” says Gary Bart, President and CEO of Stem Innovation. “The combination of its incredible ease of use, automated features and affordable pricing is a game-changer.”

The iZON can also record video and audio and upload them to a private YouTube account automatically, perfect for when you are unable to connect to the internet throughout the day. It can also be configured to automatically record only when there is noise or motion, so your videos aren’t filled with footage of nothing. The device is completely controlled and set up via the iOS app which works for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch so you don’t need a computer for it to work.

the iZON is avalible now on the Stem website for $129.99

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