Apple Television in the Rumor Mill Again

With not a moments breath after Steve Jobs stepped down as the CEO of Apple, the rumor mill begins to turn. In a recent interview with Dylan Tweney in Venturebeat, Munster and citing information from component suppliers and Apple insiders, a prediction for news of an Apple television is set to appear around the end of 2012 or early 2013.

Apple had tablet ideas as far back as 2000, but couldn’t implement them because of the high cost of touchscreen displays at the time. Today, Apple is the leading tablet innovator thanks to its widely popular iPad. The same could be true for television screens.

With display prices beginning to decrease, an Apple television in the 15-to-19 inch range and running the iOS sounds very feasible. Such a TV would not only display video, but also could provide internet access for playing games, running apps and socializing at places like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Some of these features are already avaible on Apple’s set-top box the AppleTV, but a television would provide a much more seamless experience for consumers.

Earlier this summer, the Apple television rumor generated some buzz on the Internet when a former executive at the company, speaking on the condition he remain anonymous, confirmed to DailyTech that “the company’s biggest upcoming product launch” would be its entry into the flat-screen television market.

Apple’s television will “blow Netflix and all those other guys away,” the exec boasted to DailyTech.

The idea is that Apple would team up with one of its existing suppliers to make the televisions. The problem with that theory however is that Apple’s display providers also make televisions. If they made televisions for Apple, they’d be competing with their own TV lines. The exec pushed aside those claims saying “If you have to be competing with somebody, you want to be competing with yourself.”

Although looking at current trends, both the AppleTV and the Google/Logitech merger Revue have not caught on in the market, so an iOS television might not be what consumers want. Then again, Apple faced the same problem with both the iPhone and the iPad. Apple has a history of changing the market before, so this might not such a farfetched idea.


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