Google+ Adds ‘Ignore’ and ‘Block’

Google+ has been in a slight rut recently, with not nearly as many active users as when it first came out (mostly due to still being in an invite-only beta). However, there has been an increase in the call for a way to not see posts or anything from users. The new option will allow users to take a simple step to get rid of a notification about what that annoying person is doing or get rid of a post you don’t want to see.

“We want to make sure you can represent your real-life relationships on Google+ — whether you want to connect with someone or not,” wrote Wichrowska. “So starting today, we’re rolling out a new option to Ignore people, in addition to the existing (and stronger) option to Block them.” said Olga Wichrowska , a Google software engineer, in a Google+ blog post last week.

The blocking feature allows you to remove a person from your circle so you cannot see what they post, they cannot see what you post, and cannot comment on your posts as well. Although the ignoring feature is a little less severe.

“Of course, in real-life there are also people you don’t know, don’t like or don’t want to hear from. And we want to give you the ability to define these relationships in Google+ as well,” said Wichrowska. “Ignoring someone is basically saying you’re just not interested. Maybe you don’t know them or maybe you don’t want to see what they’re sharing.” said Kathleen Ko , another Google software engineer, on her own blog post.

The Ignore option will be available alongside the Block option in multiple places on Google+. The buttons will appear in the Circles pages, the notification stream and in the Google+ bar. The action is reversible, so in case someone warms up to you and you don’t hate them enough to block or ignore them anymore you can go back to a mutual friendship…or just place them in the “Loser” circle.

via; PCWorld, EWeek

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