GameStop issues $50 gift card to Deus Ex PC buyers, apology for removing OnLive coupons

GameStop got very bad publicity for doing a very non-consumer friendly act two days ago when they were caught telling employees to open up brand new copies of the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution and remove vouchers for free OnLive digital copies of the game. Then GameStop stores proceeded to sell those opened copies of games as brand new to unknowing customers. According to reporting from thisismynext, GameStop is giving buyers a “$50 gift card and an instant “buy two, get one free” offer just for bringing in their original receipt.” Note that the offer applies to pre-owned games.

So besides the $50 gift card, GameStop’s offer allows them to make even more money from this fiasco by getting you to buy 2 games to get a free one. If you did not care for the Onlive version of the Deus Ex game then this might end up working in your favor. I just do not think it was the right thing to do. GameStop has not even launched their streaming gaming service yet and they are already being competitive. They can no longer consider themselves a gaming retailer when they do something like that. For example, Best Buy owns a movie purchase and rental service called CinemaNow and yet they still offer other similar services in their stores in the forms of devices and digital content cards. When you buy a DVD or Blu-Ray disc from Best Buy and it includes a free digital copy, you do not see Best Buy up in arms taking those coupon codes out claiming that they are competing with their purchase program on CinemaNow. If GameStop wants to pull these types of antics then they might as well close their doors now!


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