Galaxy Tab 10.1 Keyboard and Multimedia Dock Review

Galaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard

Samsung sent me a package containing two new accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: the Full Size Keyboard Dock and the Multimedia Dock for review.

The instructions to get this keyboard to work were extremely simple:  “To use the keyboard dock, the mobile tablet needs to have the input method set to Samsung keypad.” I had all of the correct settings but when I put the Tab 10.1 in it connected as though it were the desktop dock. The display on-screen was only the dimmed full-screen clock. However, after a software update it worked fine.

Once the dock was working correctly the Galaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard dock was exceptional. It is fitted with comfortable chick-let keys, a dozen Honeycomb-specific navigation keys, and a sturdy body.

Samsung has once again produced a great quality product. I was able to type quick and easily on this to compose many e-mail messages and documents. I recommend this to anyone looking for a keyboard for their Galaxy Tab.

On the other hand, the Multimedia Dock seems to have far less of a purpose. The Keyboard Dock did everything that the Multimedia Dock is intended for, and has the added bonus of being a keyboard. Personally, I would spend the extra money to buy the Keyboard Dock in favor of the Multimedia Dock.

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