DualStix by TekGoblin Episode 6: Stix Dual FIGHT

On this weeks episode in the start key Conner plays the dlc for dragon age 2, Chris plays with his phone and I talk about Shadows of the damned.

In the main screen we talk about franchises and their effect on gaming culture and the industry. We ask you the listener Do companies use them too much? What are your favorite franchises currently or all-time. In a segment we call stix dual… FIGHT!!! We talk about the impending war between current console/online champion, COD’s  next game Modern Warfare 3 and challenger Battlefield 3. our take each entering the fight and who we think will win. We ask you Who do you think should or will win? In the news we address a study that says completion rates for games are way down. Finishing off with the retro 5 NEW.


– Trent Bailey   (GamerTag: willifrbottm)

– Conner Bays  (GamerTag: Kanswerus)

– Chris Craig     (GamerTag: GC COBRA X)

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