BlackBerry to See Android Apps in 2012

According to three sources who are “familiar with the plan”, claim that RIM plans on releasing BlackBerry powered smart-phones that are capable of running Android apps as soon as 2012. This comes as a result of RIM’s latest struggle to keep pace with Android and iOS powered smart-phones in the OS market share race. I guess if you can’t beat them, join them!

One of the sources went on to mention that the QNX technology that is being used on the BlackBerry Playbook will be the same technology used to enable BlackBerry smart-phones to run Android applications and will be remade in order to be adjusted to the different screen resolutions and models that RIM will carry in 2012.

RIM intends to have the Android player available with the launch of each of the QNX smart-phones as a means of creating faster availability versus having user to wait for an update in order to get it.

Not sure about you, but I’d rather see Blackberry on Android and not Android on BlackBerry.

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