Logitech unveils suction cup joystick for the iPad, heavily resembles a Ten One Design similar product

Logitech has just announced their iPad suction cup joystick. The tablet accessory sits on the screen and allows you to have a more enjoyable experience with your d-pad controlled game of choice. The joystick will be available starting next month and will cost you $19.99. One thing I noticed when looking over the Logitech joystick is that it does bear a striking resemblance to an accessory made by Ten One Design.

Back at CES 2011 in January we saw a similar, maybe even identical, product from an accessory company named Ten One Design. Ten One Design calls their joystick the “Fling,” an analog joystick for the iPad, and the price that Ten One has the Fling for is $19.95 which is where Logitech is pricing around as well. Ten One Design even won a Macworld 2011 Best of Show for the Fling. Whether Logitech took the idea of the product from Ten One Design is not for certain, compare for yourselves from the pictures and video below of Ten One’s joystick to the main picture above of Logitech’s version.


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