New Video Brings Portal to Life

The Portal series was an amazing blend of gameplay, storytelling and puzzles, which left players wishing there was a portal gun they could use in real life. A recent YouTube video bring a cinematic view on what it would be like to see a portal gun in real life. The video appears to be a homage to the game rather than a live-action version of the original story, with a girl who appears to be stuck in some kind of cell. As the video continues you watch her continue working out and being monitored until she figures out a cryptic code on the wall which she then acquires a portal gun from behind a wall panel. She then attempts to escape, running from guards and using the portal gun to out maneuver them until finally escaping, or so she believed.

Check the video out for yourself, tell us what you think about the possibility of someone expanding upon this video into a full length movie.

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Andrew Wilson
Andrew has been poking and prodding computers for 11 years who occasionally writes about Technology and Video Games while working towards getting his Bachelors in Computer Engineering. He is also one of the contributors to the Let's Play's on the site.
  • Adam Simons

    Please, dear God, somebody pick this up and run with it.  This would be an AWESOME movie.  Just no one tell Michael Bay.

  • Robert Allen

    Win!  Not sure how you’d keep it interesting for the length of a feature film though.  It’s like watching someone play Portal, but with better visuals.  I don’t know many people who find it that entertaining to watch.  Would need substantial other plot elements.

  • Sanity

    I am sure plot elements could be added, look at the movie “Cube” they did something similar with a puzzle movie.

  • Andrew Wilson

    or Uwe Boll.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome idea, you’d need to get some crack players together to come up with cool applications of the Portal Gun, then maybe an applied physicist to come up with a couple more nobody ever thought of before. I agree in both comments it would need significant plot development, and that cube is a perfect example of a genre type proving it could be done. Especially if a group that either meets or awakens together dwindles to 2 or 1 through attrition. Give a whole new meaning to “Bad Robot”… you hear that J.J.Abrams?

  • Raketemensch

    Wow, way to spoil any suspense with your description….

  • Matthew Runyon

    Um…Awesome?!?!?!  Only concern is that this is a very serious approach…It would hardly be Portal without the humour.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was a hollow interpretation of Portal. There was no personality to it. If I want to be bored out of my mind in a science fiction setting without dialog, I’ll just watch Wall-E a few times. At least there’s personality to be had in that film. 

    I just think that there’s no substance in what people have done so far with fan films based in the Half Life universe.

    If someone were to do something like “The Stanley Parable” and make that into a movie, then yes, make it. 

    This, again, was just an abstraction of Portal from a gameplay perspective. 

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  • Flavio Donadio

    I like the short movie. Very well done, but kind of mixing Portal features with a Resident Evil feeling (the disappointment at the end, for example).

    Anyways, nicely done. The effects are cool and the character has Chell-like capabilities, like when she lands from the “fling” and doesn’t get hurt.

    But I’d still prefer a real portal gun to a movie… People should concentrate efforts on that!

  • Sanity

    I can see Portal being made into a movie

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  • Brad Bowen

    Is it just me or were the guards/soldiers inspired by HL2? And yes Portal could be a sick movie if it was made right, gotta get the right person to play Glados.

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