Gadget Daily: N-Control Avenger for PS3 and XBOX 360

Gamers everywhere can now rejoice. N-Control’s Avenger controller mod is now available for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. This controller mod/add-on allows for better and faster usage of the buttons by adding all sorts of levers in just the right places for a better playing experience.

The Avenger first showcased itself on the Xbox 360 earlier this year, and received some pretty positive reviews. Often times items like this would quickly be knocked off as being gimmicky, or unneeded, but it seems that this mod can really be beneficial to the user’s game when it comes to first person shooting games like Halo and Call of Duty.

Using the control first proves to be difficult, as a learning curve that one must go through before the gamer is able to truly experience the benefits of the Avenger. I would say that the best part to the Avenger is the ability to customize it further to your linking. You will be able to fit the tension of the straps, reconfigure the button options and even use the option tripod for control stability.

While the device seems difficult to set up, N-Control has assured us that the process is almost as simple as just snapping it on the controller.

For the PS# users out there, you’ll have to wait get your pre orders in now and pray that you will receive it come November as N-Control will only be doing a limited launch of 5000 devices world-wide. The Avenger will set you back 50 bucks but will launch your ability to win ahead of the game.

All pre-order are to be carried out here.

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