Breaking: HP to Restock the Touchpad

The HP Touchpad’s price was recently dropped to a mere $99 and flew off the shelves like hotcakes. Now all of the Touchpad’s are completely out of stock so if you didn’t get it early you were out of luck.

An HP employee has now tweeted that HP may be getting more stock of the Touchpad early this week.

“HP getting more stock of #TouchPad Early in the week. Signup for alert:”

Even though the future of the WebOS is uncertain the HP Touchpad could prove useful at the low price. The HP Touchpad can be used to surf the web, take notes, and use other features that are built into WebOS. With the Touchpad not supported by HP anymore it give developers the freedom to tinker with the OS and create open source applications. I could make that tablet useful for $99.

Right now the HP Touchpad is sold out, but keep an eye on the page for more inventory.

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  • Matthew Haines

    you cannot sign up for email alert on this

  • Sanity

    I believe they took it down temporarily because it took their server down.

  • Anonymous

    Try this link: It worked about an hour ago. Sanity might be right with the server down.

  • Anonymous

    There might be not as many touchpads available for purchase, from the HP resupply to stores.  I have two orders that have been sitting at Barnes & Noble all day.  From earlier reports in the morning today, Barnes & Noble ran out, but they were STILL taking orders and money from people.  I bet there are a lot of people waiting to get their orders filled, from the restocking of the shelves.  If so, that means that part of the ‘restock’ inventory will already be spoken for, leaving fewer to buy.  Better catch them early, just in case, whenever they start appearing!

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