Verizon Says Strike is Over

verizon strike

Verizon has officially stated that the strike is over and the employees will be returning to work. A large group of 45,000 or so Verizon employees had gone on strike due to failed contract negotiations a couple weeks ago. Verizon had also threatened the workers with expiring their medical benefits at the end of the month if they did not return to work immediately.

The employees may be returning to work, however they are still negotiating “issues” that they have with the company. Among the matters that are being discussed are job security, work flexibility, and benefits. Verizon’s statement on the issue is as follows:

“This is going to take time, that’s why there was no set deadline,” said Peter Thonis, a spokesman for Verizon, in a telephone interview. “We will be meeting again very soon. There is a set schedule for this.”

The Verizon strike was one of the biggest since the 73,000 workers that walked out on GM in 2007 for 2 days. Verizon and the unions will continue negotiations to help appease the workers.


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