HP TouchPad current prices and availability in more detail

We recently reported, yesterday, that the HP had placed their pricing structure on the chopping block with the announcement of the $99 prices 16GB TouchPad. Even after HP had dropped the price of their tablets by $100 each which brought them down to $399 and $499, from their original $499 and $599 price tags, they plan to go down even further. We would like to make sure you get all the detail you can in this follow up article. It is true that HP has dropped the price of their 16GB TouchPad to $99 and their 32GB model down to just $150. But the trick is where can you find that deal, because not all retailers are keen on this price and are “unshelfing” their products for immediate send back to HP.

When the price of the TouchPad dropped on the HP online store it was just a matter of time until they ran out of stock. Best Buy in Canada and Future Shop, another Canadian retailer, also have the TouchPad tablets for the new super low $99 and $150 prices, albeit they claim they are out of stock online.

Although Best Buy in Canada was willing to offer this amazing deal, their U.S. counterpart was not. Best Buy stores in the U.S. had began pulling the TouchPad devices from their shelves early this morning and is stating that they are sending them back to HP. Best Buy must be furious with this product retirement by HP just a few months after release. It could end up costing Best Buy in many return of opened products. One can only wonder if HP would even take those back and offer something to Best Buy to reassure them in future purchases. Best Buy has also instated a extended their return policy for TouchPad buyers who wish to return their device. No price matches will be given for those previously mentioned prices.

If you purchased your item from another retailer who is participating in this price drop, such as the ones I mentioned or others, then you should be able to get a price match. But if you purchased your item from a company who is not like Best Buy in the United States, then you only have the option of returning for full refund.


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