Best Buy HP TouchPad clearance pricing policy changed; $99 & $150 prices are a go!

Earlier, we mentioned that Best Buy stores in the U.S. would not be featuring the same HP TouchPad price drops of $99 and $150 for the TouchPad that HP had initiated on their own online store. In fact, earlier today, store representatives and Best Buy corporate claimed they were halting all sales of the devices. They were removing the devices and pricing for send back to HP. But we stumbled upon a Best Buy Community Forums link where a corporate Best Buy social media representative gives us an evening update nearly an hour ago that changes that original policy.

The below quote from the Best Buy community site shows a changed solution that must have been made to appeal to consumers in a positive manner. The Best Buy representative goes on to state that:

Due to HP’s decision to discontinue its TouchPad product, Best Buy will now provide clearance pricing for all HP TouchPad models regardless of previously advertised prices or promotions.

The new pricing will be as follows:
HP TouchPad 16GB (SKU 2842056) $99.99
HP TouchPad 32GB (SKU 2842092) $149.99
There is a strict limit of one of each hardware SKU unit per customer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I purchase a HP TouchPad at a Best Buy store or on
Yes. Best Buy stores will be selling their remaining inventory of the HP TouchPad at the discounted clearance pricing effective immediately. may have limited inventory available.

If I purchase a HP TouchPad at the discounted clearance pricing, can I return or exchange it?
No. Best Buy will not accept customer returns or exchanges on clearance-priced TouchPads bought through any Best Buy channel (including Best Buy stores or

If I purchase or have purchased a HP TouchPad at Best Buy at the clearance pricing do I have a manufacturer’s warranty?
Yes. Customers purchasing a TouchPad at clearance pricing will have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, fulfilled directly through HP not Best Buy.

If I previously purchase a HP TouchPad at a higher price can I receive a price match?
Yes. Customers who purchased the 16 or 32 GB TouchPad after June 19, 2011 may come into the store to get a refund of the difference between the price they paid and the clearance price. If this item was purchased on, please call support at 888BestBuy (888-237-8289) for the price match request.

If I purchased the HP TouchPad previous to August 20, 2011 can I return it?
Yes. Customers who purchased the 16 or 32 GB TouchPad after June 19, 2011 may come into the store to get a full refund within our return policy.

Quantities are strictly limited. Limit one (1) per customer. Best Buy cannot guarantee availability of inventory at this pricing at any particular Best Buy location or channel.

All HP TouchPads sold at the discounted clearance pricing are final sales and may not be returned/exchanged for any reason.

We have contacted Best Buy directly through Twitter for further confirmation on the matter and await their response to directly reaffirm the community posting above. We also asked what would make Best Buy change their stance on this within the same day, since they already had notice of HP’s fire sale price change before their stores opened.(Update of response after the break). Note that the information above reflects that Best Buy will not accept returns of TouchPads that are bought with this clearance pricing. So when you make your purchase, make sure you are 100% content with the product before hand.

Update: from Coral via Twitter @coral_BestBuy, who is the Community Connector over at the Social Media Team at the Best Buy Corporate office. The response she sent me via twitter for reassurance of the community forum posting quoted above is as follows:

@iceman7679 @BestBuyMobile there was an update late this afternoon – sorry for any inconvenience this caused

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