Gadget Daily: Logitech Tablet Speakers for the iPad

While I don’t personally own one, there has been multiple occasions in which I have played around with both the iPad and iPad 2. As with any piece of technology, their were things that I couldn’t stand (for example: the only thing I can do with the home screen is order the apps) and their were things that I could respect. One of those particular things was the iPad’s speakers. There was never a need to complain about the volume being to low. However, it seems that Logitech felt otherwise. As a result, they came up with an external speaker attachment geared for the iPad.

The Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad (yes, that is what they are calling it) works by clipping on to the iPad (or just about any other table), and plugs into the iPads 3.5 mm headphone jack. Seems pretty simple. A better solution would be to have this done wirelessly.

The device packs a whopping 8 hours of battery life. Any less would be a disappointment as it should match the iPads battery life. Otherwise it would be just dead weight at the end of the day.

The device has it’s own carry bag both for the iPad and itself but will cost you an amount that is yet to be displayed as the tablet speaker is only available for pre order in the UK for $57.46 US.

The tablet speaker adds unnecessary bulk to the super thin and refined iPad, and as far as the screen size to audio ration? I think the iPad is just fine. The only reason to have more audio is for when you want more people to see whats going on the iPad, and with it’s view limit the iPad’s volume does the job just fine. The only other proper use for this that I can think of is for music, and a plethora of more capable (and cheaper) docs already exists.

Do you guys feel this is something you can see yourself buying?

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