AT&T discontinuing individual messaging plans August 21st, except for the unlimited

You read the title correctly! AT&T will be axing its remaining messaging plans that are of the unlimited variant and only customers who have the feature before the change will be grandfathering in. It was not that long ago when AT&T removed their 200, 1500, & unlimited individual messaging plan structure and left consumers with the current 1000 or unlimited options in it place. But now AT&T wants to go one step further and remove the $10, 1000 messaging, option in favor of only having the unlimited option. This appears to be removing the obstacle of “choice” from the grasp of consumers.

This will certainly put a strain on new customers who do not exceed the amount of texting that warrants an unlimited plan. These same customers will only have a pay-per-message, $0.20 for SMS and $0.30 for MMS, option to look at besides the unlimited option and that does not seem like much of a choice. We do not care what AT&T has to say for itself on this matter. They are clearly trying to make more money at the expense of new subscribers. Words like “streamlining” is what companies say when they are up to no good in making cuts to appealing things.

Luckily all customer with messaging features will continue to maintain their features since they will be grandfathered into them, even when they upgrade their individual devices. This could be another reason why a T-Mobile and AT&T merger may not necessarily be in the best interest of consumers.


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