Skype WiFi is now available on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and PC

Skype WiFi, formerly known as Skype Access, is coming to iOS. The service is available for PCs as well now. Skype WiFi is a service that provides over 1 Million WiFi hotspots around the world within, hotels, airports, train stations, convention centers, bar, and restaurants, that allow people to access the internet by using your Skype account and credits to pay per minute for online access.

Prices for the service are running at $0.06 per minute and you will only be charged for minutes while connected with no limits on download and upload data. Paying per minute can seem a drag, but bear in mind that there will be no roaming charges as the service is respective to the location that you are at.

Paying on a per-minute basis for WiFi Internet access is great when you’re abroad as you can avoid data roaming charges when you update Facebook, send a tweet, make a Skype call or upload photos. If you would like to give it a go, check out the Skype WiFi app in the iTunes store today.

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