27,000 People in South Korea Sue Apple for Data Collection

About 27,000 people have just sued Apple in South Korea for illegal data collection on their iPhone‘s. Each person is seeking about 1 million won or $930 USD or about 25 million total. The suit was filed in Chanwon, South Korea.

Apple was also fined recently by South Korea’s telecommunications regulator and ordered to encrypt all location data on iPhone’s to address their privacy concerns. Apple was also fined some 3 million won which isn’t a large amount at all because when users turned off the location recognition features of their iPhone it still collected data.

The attorney for the 27,000 Korean’s said:

“I’m an iPhone user myself, so when I first heard about this in the media, I reviewed the legality of the matter based on Korean law,” Kim Hyeong Seok, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said by telephone before the suit was filed. “I concluded it was clearly illegal.”

The iPhone uses tracking information to better provide results when looking for attractions or places in your current area. The information however is not immediately deleted when not used. Also, the plaintiffs stated that when this feature is turned off, data is still collected.


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