Valve Uses Highwinds CDN for Steam

Valve and Highwinds logo

Highwinds has announced that Valve will be tapping into their content delivery network for the Steam platform. Valve believes that the Highwinds CDN will be a necessary role in the global growth and popularity of Steam.

Over the past several years, Steam has seen massive increase in its key figures, including sales, total user accounts, daily active users and simultaneous players. Over 1,300 games are available to over 30 million active users, with the number of peak simultaneous players quickly approaching five million. With Highwinds CDN, Valve hopes to provide higher bandwidth capacity, faster delivery speeds and industry-specific software tools for their continual global growth.

“We recognize Steam as the de facto standard in online video game delivery, and we are pleased to be supporting the platform as it gains traction around the world,” said Steve Miller, chairman and CEO of Highwinds.  “Valve was originally brought on as a network services customer and, today, they’re utilizing our content delivery services for game delivery over Steam.  Our strong relationship with Valve, which has scaled and evolved over time to support their volume and geographic growth, is representative of Highwinds’ commitment to the gaming community.”

This is not a surprise, especially with the announcement of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Better bandwidth and faster delivery speeds will be a vital part in the success of Steam’s future.


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