AT&T’s LTE Device Will be Without LTE

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Get this, AT&T has set their gears in motion and will be releasing their first 4G LTE enabled device next week. Sounds great doesn’t it? It only sounds great until you realize that AT&T doesn’t even have their LTE network running as of yet. The term “sweet sorrow” quickly comes to mind.

AT&T’s first LTE enabled device won’t be a smartphone. It has become a trend for the carriers to come out with some form of a laptop tethering device. For AT&T this will be the case. AT&T will be launching a direct USB plugin for single use, and a WiFi Hotspot (pictured above) the AT&T Elevate.

For those of you wondering if AT&T has gone out of their minds, pointing out that the devices will support AT&T’s HSPA+ network until their LTE goes live adds some light and credibility to their actions.

The LTE WiFi Hotspot and USB connector are set to launch on the 21st of August and are yet to receive a price tag. However AT&T took the liberty to remind us all that for all devices other then cell phones will cost you $50 a month for 5 gigs of data, and for ever gig over that will run you 10 dollars.

I say ditch AT&T all together with those kind of prices, and we are yet to talk about the upfront cost for the hardware.

Source: TechCrunch, via PhanDroid

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Tristan Thomas
  • Andrew Wilson

    Yea, I find that $50/month for 5Gb is a terrible rip-off. Considering that there wouldn’t be much for me to do on a laptop with just 5 GB to work with, especially without 4G access? What would be the point then? I could do just as much with my phone on 3G as I could with a laptop on 3G, minus the pain of loading larger pages and ads. 

  • Sanity

    Funny how that is the same price as Verizon’s data plans.

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