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With robotics becoming a growing part in society, Robotic Trends, a division of EH Publishing unveiled today a new website made to serve the masses of people interested in robots and robotics technologies. is a site which will allow users to keep informed about the on-goings of robotics with various pages to keep all robot enthusiasts occupied for hours.

Some of the more popular pages on the site are; Robot News , Cool Bot Roundup, Up Close & Personal interviews with Robotics Industry Leaders , Robotics Industry Events and Competitions, and  You-Post-It Pages- For DIY robots, Robot Clubs, Competitions, Universities and Events.

“Robots are cleaning our homes, fighting our wars, even operating on Uncle Sid, and in the near future, they may be driving our cars and caring for our elderly,” states Ellen Cotton, editor-in-chief,  “The technologies being created by universities and intelligent systems developers around the world are just so cool and exciting that now is the perfect time to have a site that educates and informs everyone about these breakthroughs and how they will change our lives. People love robots, it’s as simple as that, and RoboNexus will be the site for all of those people,” adds Cotton.

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Andrew Wilson
Andrew has been poking and prodding computers for 11 years who occasionally writes about Technology and Video Games while working towards getting his Bachelors in Computer Engineering. He is also one of the contributors to the Let's Play's on the site.