Gadget Daily: Headphones Made Just for Women?

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Technology that is specifically tailored for the needs of women seem to have been emerging more and more as of late. The most popular one that I can recall was that of the HTC Bliss. The title of the particular article read: “HTC Bliss, A Phone for the Woman in You“. The article was on a leak of HTC’s plans to release a phone that was specifically engineered for the comforts of a woman.

It seemed like a smart move to me at the time (albeit I am a guy and my opinion is probably null and void). After all, studies showed that Android was more popular among men. It only made sense that an Android smartphone specifically created for woman would one day show its head. The phone set itself apart from the apparent average “man phone” by featuring a rubber back for increased grip (not sure why guys wouldn’t need such a thing), and a charm indicator for when your phone is lost in the deep depths of your purse.

If that wasn’t enough to either excite or insult any of you womanly readers out there, get this; now their making headphones specifically tailored to a woman’s liking.

The manufacture this time isn’t HTC, but it might as well be as the product is referred to as part of the Bliss line. The Bliss line created by Altec Lansing consist of 3 models ranging from $30 – $70. Each model contains 3 different color choices for a grand total of 9 different options.

My particular favorite is the Bliss Platinum Aqua (pictured above) hands down. Not only do I feel it’s on the stylish side, but it would match the sea green color of the HTC Bliss should one decided to pick up that phone (should it ever exists).

Well, what do you guys think? Do you feel that technology specifically tailored for gender is inappropriate? Leave your thoughts below!

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