Prototype 3G Macbook Pro hits ebay

Prototype Mac ebay

Well, this is very interesting. A prototype 3G Apple Macbook pro manufactured in 2007 has surfaced and is on sale on ebay. The 3G Macbook was originally purchased through craigslist and was not functional. The current owner replaced the hard drive, battery, and ram then installed a current version of OS X.

3G Macbook pro

The Macbook Pro also contained an abnormal red logic board unlike the current blue ones installed in that model. Another interesting feature was a sim card reader next to the battery and ram and an expandable antenna attached to the side of the monitor. The 3G sim card slot indicates that the Macbook may have been a prototype for use on the AT&T GSM network or another GSM carrier. This would have been a great feature for the Macbook Pro if it was released, until now I was not aware Apple had been working on this type of functionality. Other laptop manufacturers have build in cellular antennas before, so Apple may have wanted to enter that market but may not have wanted to stick to one carrier.

<3g macbook pro sim card

The 3G modem appears in the OS but does not have the necessary software to allow for it to function properly. The modem appears as a ANTUSBStick.slabvcp in the system profiler. On the side of the Antenna “Tyco  Proto / #006” suggesting that this version of the laptop was number 6 in a series. I wonder how this one made it out of Apple’s grasp and where the other 5 ended up.

The current bid on ebay is around 6,400 at the time of writing with about 4 days remaining on the auction. If you are interested in acquiring this prototype I suggest heading over to the auction and placing a bid.

There was an update posted to the original Macrumors article indicating that the Modem may not have been a fully fledged 3G device after all. But the OS could be simply assigning the best fit for a driver because it is not sure what the device actually is without the correct drivers or software.

Update: “ANT” referenced in the Dyanstream ANT2USB is a low power 2.4GHz wireless protocol closer to Bluetooth than to 3G data, though that doesn’t explain away the presence of a SIM slot and large antenna.

Update 2: The listing has been removed from ebay.

Thanks Dave.


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