T-Mobile will start charging for overages on its 200MB data plans

T-Mobile will soon be making a change to the structure of how they charge for one of their data plans. T-Mobile, like other carriers, has offered tiered data to their customers. The lowest of their tiered option is currently 200MB for $10 a month. When a customer reaches that limit, T-Mobile begins to throttle your connection, and then you’re left with a bit more of a sluggish speed for browsing and downloading. Though speeds can be slower, currently customers do not get charged extra for going over that 200MB allowance. The only downside would be slower speeds with the ability to maintain data usage for the standard existing monthly payment. There are many users who would not be able to tolerate the slow speeds and could not deal with this plan allowance, but there appears to be many consumers that use their plan as implied by T-Mobile’s desire to change the policy of a feature plan.

According to the leaked picture above, each additional MB of data used will cost $0.10 cents more on your monthly bill usage of data. The change may begin as early as the 13th or 14th of August. Now there seems to be a maximum charge limit of $30, which means that T-Mobile may not allow users from going over $30 in data overage charges for their own protection. This may be helpful so that customers do not have to worry about silly overage bills. It could also lead to a disadvantage; T-Mobile will now be able to shut your data off if any excessive users manages to pass over that $30 charge. There is also a 2GB tiered plan that seems to be protected from this change so far.

Current customers with 200MB data plans need not worry about this change, T-Mobile says they will be grand-fathered into the tiered/throttling system, but all new customers will be faced with the overage model. I bet Sprint appears more appealing every day now with 3 of the current “big four” carriers, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, switching to tiered and overage charged data plans. T-Mobile claims the change in to its 200MB plan was because of the larger than expected adoption of this pricing feature. So remember that, users. When a company creates a new plan, lets not all hop on it at once or else it will get removed.(said sarcastically).

The industry has been moving towards this trend of data tiering, for some time now. I think data tiers and caps only lead to stifling innovation. Developers and companies who want to create products may have limits created due to the lack of data their prospective customers would have to use. These companies may not even try to develop because of this limitation on data. This is one of the reasons the T-Mobile/AT&T merger may not necessarily be a positive thing. A merger will remove an essentially large piece of competition in the sphere of the mobile industry.


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