Skype and Mobile Interactive Group Announce Global Partnership

Skype and MIG Merger

Skype on mobile devices are becoming a growing part of Skype’s expansion, and a partnership between MIG formed in order for the expansion to run smoothly. The new mobile site which launched in May runs MIG’s mobile platform mVoy Publish.

The mVoy Publish integration will allow the website to identify the customer’s device and then offers a path to download the Skype application for their device while directing access to content, product information, and support for the user’s device instead of an encompassing page for all mobile applications. The mobile site is accessible from both the Skype homepage or through the device itself.

Linda Summers, director of product marketing for Skype said in a statement “For many Skype users, their first experience of Skype will be on their mobile phone, so it was important that we give them a mobile browsing experience that helps them make the download process smooth and easy, and ultimately enhances their overall Skype experience.  We choose to partner with MIG because of their experience in working with leading brands on delivering high impact mobile experiences.”

Skype has had a history of being fast at adopting new technologies while saving time and money in connecting business colleagues, friends and families. Skype continues to partner with mobile carriers along with the world’s leading handset manufactures around the world to broaden their product availability.

MIG is also a fairly prominent company in the mobile field, serving multiple sectors including; Public Sector and Government Agencies, Mobile Network Operators and Broadcaster & Entertainment as well as high-profile clients including PlayStation, Nokia and Samsung. They are also a ‘Preferred Developer Consultant’ for Facebook.

The hope is that while MIG is working with developing the tools to distribute the mobile application, Skype can focus its time on improving upon the client itself.


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