GameFly to launch ‘Unlimited PC Play’ download service

GameFly will be launching an a new digital client later this year which will include a new “Unlimited PC Play” service. It will allow GameFly customers to play computer games directly on their PC and/or Mac computers. It is still unclear which game developers have decided to join in participating with this service. GameFly has chosen to keep that information close to the chest for right now. There will be over 100 titles available at beta launch and many more could be available by the official launch date.

This sounds like an opportunity to offer more diverse plans for subscribers to chose from similar to the model Netflix has created. According to an interview done by JoyStiq, a GameFly representative was asked if they would offer such optional plans and they responded by saying “We currently have no plans to offer a digital only subscription, as we believe the real value to gamers and our members is our unique combination of console and digital PC game offerings.” I am sure many users would like Netflix to share those same sentiments.

There is a page on Gamefly where you can sign up for email updates about the beta program that begins September 8th. I would like to see an unlimited offering for gaming consoles as well, but it looks like OnLive remains to be the top leader on that front with their micro console.

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