Onlive to launch in the UK this fall

Onlive has announced it will be launching its ‘Cloud Console’ services in the UK on September 22nd. Onlive is a streaming service that allows users to play popular PC titles without the need for a console, which can allow the system to be used on anywhere from a PC to an iPad, as well as a micro console that can be plugged directly into HD televisions. The system has been available in the US for more than a year now.

The service has always had a problem with being an intensive bandwidth hog, Onlive states they have been working with internet providers to prevent users from exceeding their download limits. Onlive uses 1MB/s at its lowest peak, which can be almost 450MB per hour, with some companies limiting their users to only 10GB per month. The company has insinuated it may do tie-up deals with some internet service providers (ISPs) so that users do not get penalized for using Onlive.

However the UK pricing information for Onlive has yet to be posted.


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