Apple going after the Xoom in its patent dispute

Motorola Xoom

Apple is now going after Motorola and its Xoom tablet in its current patent dispute with Samsung and the Galaxy Tab. Foss Patents dug around in the dispute and found this information:

That passage says that Apple filed with the same court (district court of Düsseldorf) a complaint over the design of the Motorola Xoom, but it doesn’t state whether that complaint included a request for a preliminary injunction. While it’s not stated explicitly, I suppose that the complaint against Motorola also asks the court for an EU-wide injunction — but perhaps just for a permanent injunction without a previous preliminary one.

Apple and Motorola are currently fighting over some 40 patents and the dispute started in October of 2010. Foss patents had also come up with a timeline of the dispute against Android and the manufacturers.

Concerning the Motorola Xoom, Foss Patents believes that Apple has been aware of the Motorola Xoom’s existence too long to file a preliminary injunction now.

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