LifeProof Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

I have always been in the pursuit of the perfect case for my electronic devices, and the LifeProof case for the iPhone 4/4S comes genuinely close at achieving that goal. I am not usually prone to accidents when it comes to my smartphones as I have always been very careful with them by making sure they are equipped with the best protective cases around. I do this because I want to ensure my electronic devices retain that brand new look and finish they had when I first took them out of the box. What can I say? I enjoy their original condition.

In the past I have used many protective cases for the iPhone 4, including the OtterBox Defender, the Ballistic Hard Core, and the Trident Kraken. Those specific cases and many more like them provide ample protection against shocks and drops to your device, but they offer little to no protection against submersion in mud, water, or sand. A case that could protect your device when those hazardous environments present themselves would be a great asset. However, the level of protection that many heavy duty cases provide has usually come at the expense of the size of the case itself. They are usually big and clunky and that can sometimes be the case before you even factor in a belt clip attachment. The LifeProof seems to have succeeded in the task of combining nearly 100% protection with a slim and sleek design for the price of $69.95, albeit there is no belt clip included.

The case is exactly 13mm in size, slightly larger than the 9.3mm width of the iPhone 4 without a case. That is just 4mm in additional width and given that this case is waterproof, I would have to say that is impressive. The exterior of the case has a non-stick rear shock absorbing cover. The case shell is made of a tough polycarbonate material along with a shock absorbing elastomer and this all helps to provide military grade IP-68 protection against water and dust. The depth of underwater submersion tolerance for this case is up to 2 meters or 6.6 ft. The camera and led of the iPhone 4 has a double coated anti-reflective lens to help with clear photo and video capture under the seas. All mics and speakers have waterproof acoustic vents, along with waterproof & dirt proof seals on the headset jacks and physical buttons. LifeProof cases have a motto called the “Four Proofs” which consists of Water Proof, Dust Proof, Snow Proof, and Shock Proof and the case seems to hold true to those proofs so far. The case comes with a 90 day warranty which can be extended to up to 1 year, provided that you register for it online and complete an online operating checklist. In addition to the standard black variant of the case, there are also pink and white options as well.

Now with all this good protection I have noticed a few small things I have disliked about the case. Firstly, the front of the screen has a type of scratch resistant waterproof screen protector which is built onto the case but has one downside. It leaves a layer of spacing between the screen and the protector which requires pressing down on the screen more physically then you would if the device were out of the case. This kind of screen protection is more perfected by other manufacturers. We have not yet established whether this spacing is deliberate or a defect as this is still a new case. I have also noticed that as I taken the case apart a few times, the bottom corners of the case where the 2 parts of the case connect have started to gap slightly. From what I can tell, this has not affected the water protection at all in any way. In fact the only reason I mention it here is because of the below warning that I read in the “reviewers guide” for the case:

“The LifeProof case was designed to protect the iPhone in daily use. Therefore, it should only be taken off infrequently. It has very precise latches, and the back of the case has a lifetime of approximately 50 opens and closes.”

Those statistics are not very good for your average technology reviewer, because my job may require me to try different cases on a regular basis. As I said before the case itself is $69.95, but LifeProof has an extensive list of replacement parts and accessories that can be purchased from their site to help in the maintenance of your case. This was a sour point for me, as I have seen other heavy duty protective case manufacturers offer lifetime warranties which usually bypass the need for such parts to be purchased. They sell the front and back panels of the case along with a host of other parts that may deteriorate due to the very things the case protects against. However, LifeProof is new and growing company and like any business I guess they have to seek efficient means of achieving profit everywhere they can. More detail about those additional products can be found in the LifeProof case review/testing video displayed at the end of this article.

For now, it looks like the iPhone 4 is the only device that has a case made by LifeProof that is available for purchase. There is an mock up rendering of what the iPad 2 LifeProof case will look like, but pricing and availability is still to be announced. I do believe that given the benefits of the case that the price, $69.95, is worth given that cases near or equal to that price do not provide water proof protection. I would like to see the belt clip that they plan to sell at a “to be announced” price be repackaged as an included accessory for the case. That would make the price down right a bargain. So if you are in need to take video while you snorkel with the fishes or listen to some tunes while you are in the shower than this may be the right case for your iPhone 4.

Updates after original posting below:

UPDATE(08/11/2011): LifeProof has contacted me shortly after my review has been online to respond to my comment on the spacing between the screen protector that I mention in the review. Its is clear that this was not a desired effect according to their statement below. They have stated the following:

“new batches of cases now have a tighter screen protector. Those will now be available to all who purchase the case. “

UPDATE(09/09/2011): While the case is indeed pocketable, the material that is used on the exterior back of case is very easy to scuff and offers no coating to resist such abrasion. Though very protective, the black case can look undesirable to those wanting to maintain the out of the box aesthetic appeal. Results may differ on other color options.

UPDATE(10/08/2011): We have been reassured by LifeProof that their case will work flawlessly with the iPhone 4S as well. As well it should, given that the phones are exact dimensions and shape.

UPDATE(10/08/2011):The LifeProof Case – Gen 2 is available for the new higher price of $79.99. The belt clip they make is still not included with case. I will be conducting a comparison video of the Gen 1 and Gen 2 cases on video and providing the video below the original video below next month once I receive the newest case.

Hey guys we received the LifeProof for iPhone 4/4S Generation-2 and have completed a visual review of the case in contrast to the LifeProof Generation-1. Check out this link to watch the video!

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Solomon Massele
Solomon is our Senior Managing Editor here at TekGoblin and he is also a columnist for Best Buy Mobile Magazine. He has been a technology enthusiast for years and currently contributes to companies such as TekGoblin, Best Buy Mobile Magazine, and others in the past such as SPJ Reviews. You can keep up with his updates on Twitter at @iceman7679 and his visual tech related reviews on YouTube at He loves everything tech, and talking about it!
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  • Robert Fisher

    I have been using my Lifeproof iPhone case for about three weeks now and I can say that I am really disappointed.  here is why
    1. The screen protecter is highly reflective and it is so thick that it creates an unusable haze in the sun (crystal clear inside when held at the right angle to the light). I cannot use it outside and inside you have to hold it just perfectly to avoid the reflection of indoor lights. Outside it looks as if something created a hazy film on the inside so tonight I went to clean it inside just to see (it was not hazy or dirty on the screen inside) and…..
    2. The camera lens fell out while I was cleaning the case (I was cleaning it exactly as the instructions and the video instruct). I have installed the lens back into the case and the case back on the iPhone, but it doesn’t look waterproof to me anymore. I will be contacting the company tomorrow.
    3. The screen protector is heavily scratched after only three weeks use! I can only imagine what it may look like after several months…..unusable.
    4. The screen protector is elevated off the the iPhone screen (which is a good design) however it does come in contact with the screen at random places and it creates a bubble look to the screen.
    5. The echo while using the phone is so bad that I have to turn it down to the point where I cannot hear the caller talking but if I have it loud enough to hear the caller than the echo is so bad for the caller they cannot concentrate. I have seen this problem with the Otterbox but not nearly this bad!
    6. You MUST use only the Original Apple iPhone 4 cord with it or buy the “Dock Extender” because the hole the cord fits into is so small it will not fit most (none of mine) aftermarket or POST iPhone 4 cords. (none that I have)
    now for the good….
    1. It is waterproof when new. I tested it.
    2. I believe it to be rugged enough to take a hit from a fall. It is very protective on the corners and the screen protector is heavy duty. 
    3. It is lighter than the Otterbox I had.

    August 17 2011
    Contacted Lifeproof on August 11 about the Lens falling out, the echo, etc…. and I received this Auto Reply
    “Thank you for emailing LifeSupport. Your email has been received by a LifeSupport Member and has been escalated to one of our LifeSupport Specialists for further review. When our LifeSupport Specialist is done reviewing your email they will contact you to help you resolve your issue effectively.”
    I have emailed them again since and have not heard back from them yet. This is August 17th. This is customer service?Last edited by beefish; Today at 09:51 AM. Reason: Update

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your comment Robert, I will get in touch with my LifeProof contact to see if they can help.

  • Carlos Alfonso

    Hey Solomon. Just checking to see if you received a new case with the front screen protector being fixed? I returned mine for the same reason. Having to press down while I typed was becoming annoying. I am thinking about getting another one but wanted to make sure the problem had been fixed.

  • LifeProof

    Hi Robert,Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.  LifeProof is committed to providing superior products and support so we value your feedback.  Our records indicate you are currently working with our customer service team to resolve your case issues. The challenges you are experiencing are of interest to us because they are uncharacteristically the norm for LifeProof and it seems that you have a defective case. Please note that our team will be in contact with you every step of the way to insure a timely resolution. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide you a resolution.-Joaquin, Manager of Customer Service 

  • John Eiselt

    I’m very intrigued by the LifeProof case. I currently use an Otterbox Defender, and while the protection is there, I do not like the bulk of it and how difficult it is to get it in and out of my pocket. The LifeProof case seems to provide equal rugged protection (and waterproofing in addition) without the bulk. The screen gap issue however is a deal breaker for me. I’m curious if you’ve received the replacement from the ‘new batch’ and if this issue has been resolved. Thanks for the thorough video, tour and demo of the case. Best I’ve seen.

  • Anonymous

    I have not received one of the new batch cases from LifeProof. They only have so many cases they can send out for review purposes. I would highly recommend reading their online return policy or wait until they are available in retail stores. According to LifeProof very big retail chain will start selling their products sometime in October. That retail chain, which I can not mention by name yet, does indeed have a 30-day in-store return policy for those who hate waiting by mail.

  • Anonymous

    I am a swim instructor and just purchased a Lifeproof case.  I followed directions including watching the online video.  The first time I used it in the pool it worked.  The second day when I was standing in the pool the phone slipped out of my hands and sunk to the bottom landing flat. Moments later I discovered water inside the case and the phone then failed due to water intrusion.  I absolutely do not recommend this case.  If it fails that easily it is useless.  The company does not warranty the phone inside the case.  I guess that should have been my first major warning light.  As they say if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

  • Sanity

    I would contact LifeProof, they might be able to offer some insight to
    why this might have happened. From our experience at TekGoblin they have
    very good customer service.

  • LifeProof

    We are very surprised to hear about your water intrusion into your LifeProof case, which you state caused damage to the iPhone. We have done literally thousands of water tests to beyond 10 feet depth. Tens of thousands of LifeProof users use their phone in the ocean, pool, and bathroom regularly with no problems. Every single LifeProof case is tested to 10 feet depth at the factory (including yours). Did you also perform the required water test before putting your iPhone in the case? Like any waterproof product, LifeProof requires a certain level of maintenance and care to maintain it’s waterproof capabilities. Please email and ask for Dusty. I will make sure to work with you and resolve your issue.

  • LifeProof

    Hi John, We have made a few upgrades to LifeProof and our current units that are shipping have VERY flat screens. I am confident that you will be very happy with it. If you aren’t we are very willing to work with you. -Dusty.

  • Anonymous

    As I stated in my initial comments “i followed the directions including watching the online video” and yes, completing the test.  Also, as I initially stated, the case worked the first time.  I also rechecked all seals prior to entering the water the next time.  As I stated in my first comment, the phone slipped from my hands and landed flat on the pool bottom, 4 feet.  If the case fails that easily, in my opinion it is useless to people who work or are active in the water.  I spent 22 years in the Navy working with all sorts of water resistant and waterproof products.  I am not an expert, but I am an experienced end user of such products and this is just my opinion and my experience with the product. It is a great idea, but just not worth losing a $300 or $400 dollar phone to me.

  • Marvin

    I’m wondering if I will have problems with my lifeproof gen 2 case since its going into an iphone 4s.  I got a white iphone 4s and I heard that the original was 2mm thicker.  I’m keeping everything in case I need to return it best buy.

  • Anonymous

    The Iphone 4S is exactly the same specs as the original, except it weighs .1 ounce more.


    The dimensions of the case are exactly the same so all cases will fit the same!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Solomon,

    After reading a few reviews here and there, including yours. I’m gonna jump ship, and get a LifeProof!

    But before I do, I was wondering (this goes out to all users and readers here too), have any of you guys experienced LED flash distortion issues, with the case on? Like for some cases around, the flash will kinda bounce off the side of the case and distort the image kinda thing.

    and what do you guys think, will there be any possible issues having that case snapped onto a iPhone 4s?

    Thanks guys! =D

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  • Anonymous

    Hey there Ed, I cannot say that I noticed that issue when I first reviewed the case. I do not believe I did, but just in case I went ahead and just pulled the case out of and used it on my iPhone 4 again and took several pictures in low light and well lit areas while using the flash and I had no issues caused by the flash of the camera while using the LifeProof case. Nor did I have the same problems of flash bouncing back off the side of the case and distorting the image in any way.

     I am not sure why you had these issues, but just to inquire…Do you have some type of screen protector or back screen plastic guard like a  full body Zagg shield. Because those plastic protective screens are known for causing similar problems.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Solomon,

    thanks for your reply! and that’s nice of you to do that. It was was very helpful! Espeically the zagg shield part (I was planning on getting that too, but I guess I won’t).

    Anyway, I’m so sorry, I think my first post might have misled many into thinking that I have an iPhone, but I haven’t actually gotten one (yet). But I’m pretty bent on getting one, as soon as it’s made available in my country (the iPhone 4S that is). So I figured, since it’ll come out in two weeks at where I stay, I might as well order the lifeproof case and have it shipped over first, so I can have my phone protected from day one.

    But before I do so, I just wanted to check if those issues mentioned in my previous post would arise using the lifeproof case, as I’ve noticed that not too many people have talked about the case having any camera-flash related problems, and hence being the overthinking fellow I am, I posted the earlier post!

    So I guess there’s no harm getting the lifeproof case now right =)

  • Isaac Ortega

    Just curious, did you get a chance to try out a new case with the ‘fix’ for the screen that makes it more flush?  If so, how well did it work?

  • Roger C

    I have the same echo issues! Thought it was the SIM card, so I had it replaced. First call I made in the store, sans case, was perfect. Put the case on and the echo is heard by the other party! Called Customer Service yesterday, also sent an email, and am awaiting a response. If I don’t hear back by Monday, I’m taking both cases back (mine and my wife’s) to Best Buy and spending my $171 elsewhere… Does this echo kit really solve the issue?

  • Jessica Nguyen

    Hi Solomon,

    I just bought a Lifeproof case today at Best Buy. My husband and I both got one. The first thing is that it is VERY difficult to get rid of every single piece of dust or lint…we did the best we could with canned air and the microfiber cloths.

    First impression is that I do not like the screen at all. I see where Lifeproof claims to have updated the problem with the gap between the screen and the protector, but I just bought this today, 10/24/11 and it still has the same issue mentioned previously, and I have to press very firmly to get a response from the screen. I do not like this at all. That is pretty much a deal breaker for me. I will be giving it 3 weeks to try it out, but if the issue doesn’t resolve after use, it will be returned to Best Buy for sure so I can buy the dreaded brick that is an Otter Box…

    Thanks for your review, this was very helpful information.

  • Anonymous

    Received RMA number 23 Sept, I shipped case back within 48 hours (they give you 10 days).  I have not heard from them since and no refund yet.  They were nice on the phone when I spoke to them prior to receiving the RMA number.

  • Sanjesh Puran

    The Lifeproof case is seriously flawed!!

    Due to it being dust, water, etc, etc proof, the phone generates heat
    within the case which in turn creates static. So everytime you open the
    case via the charge port to charge your phone, dust gets zapped directly
    into the case due to the static build up inside. The static could also
    be caused by the material the case is made out of.

    Has anyone else had this issue with there case? Ant similar feedback or other would be fantastic.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had my LIFEPROOF case installed on my new iPhone 4S for several days now and have found it to be very much as advertised.  I did the water test before installing the phone and it was dry as a bone on the inside.  I then installed the phone and I’d say in technical terms it’s the best damned case I’ve used or seen anywhere.  I must have the newest version because I have experienced none of the problems mentioned.  

    My wife ordered her new iPhone yesterday and is ordering her LIFEPROOF case today.  My only problem has been the damn spell fixer keeps separating the life from the proof as I type.  It is nice to have all that protection in such a neat, trim package.  

  • Jo Dee Weltz

    I have the same echo issue. Every person who talks to me on the phone says they hear their own voice in echo.  Deduced it was the case. Mine is going back to Best Buy….

  • Chuck Choate

    Bought this case when I got the 4s. I agree the space between the plastic shield and the phone is an annoyance but the damning issue for me is that the jack for my car charger WILL NOT connect to the phone when in the case and neither will the standard cable power cord. The issue is the depth of the end of the cord that will not incert into the case. The only cord that will attach is the transit cable to the computer (put a plug on the USB end to charge the phone.) I don’t know, but I would have checked to make sure one could charge the phone in the case before I sold it to folks. Wishin I had my money back.

  • Sanity

    Have you tried to send your feedback to @twitter-249450052:disqus yet?

  • Bryan Ricke

    Does anybody else have trouble hearing people with their LifeSupport case on? I have good hearing with the volume maxed and it muffles the sound so much I have to strain to hear even in a quiet environment.

  • Anonymous

    I have not tried the newer updated version of the case. I will try to get my hands on one, and if I can I will make a video for it and post it up!

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry to hear your issues with customer service. Others have had different experiences, but LifeProof representatives do take the time to review these comments and I am sure they will do their best to help you if you contact them via twitter @twitter-249450052:disqus 

  • Anonymous

    I am glad you purchased your case at Best Buy as they have an process for returning cases your are unsatisfied with after purchase. I will be getting my hands on a newer edition of the case soon and will report back my findings.

  • curt kirk

    Agreed, that was really nice of you.  Thanks for doing that Solomon.  I also had that same question about the flash..  I’m getting mine this coming Monday and am hoping I made a good decision.  

    I do have one question though… so the white iPhone 4 is .2mm thicker than the black one…  and I know that that’s hardly noticeable, but if I got the white one, would it help eliminate the gap between the screens that people are talking about?  Unfortunately, I bought mine off of Craigslist so I don’t have a proof of purchase allowing me to get the new cover fixed by the company itself.  (I have the Gen 2 case).

  • Anonymous

    I recently purchased the Lifeproof case for the iPhone 4 and found out that it makes my camera inop. I take the phone out of the case and the camera works fine. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

  • Anonymous

    I bought the case for my Iphone 4S and after about 1 week of usage was told by everyone I called that there was a very annoying echo on the caller’s end! When I take the case off the echo goes away, so one can assume that the case is then causing the echo.

  • LifeProof

    Hi Emjay1123, You should not be experiencing an echo with our case so it seems that yours may be damaged or defective. Please contact us via or 1-888-533-0735. -Dusty 

  • LifeProof

    Hi Alaskahiker, We are the only case on the market that used double coated AR optics glass lenses. Your camera should be working perfectly. If you are having issues please contact us! -Dusty 

  • LifeProof

    If you’re having sound issues please contact us via or 1-888-533-0735. -Dusty

  • LifeProof

    You’re experience is as it should be. If anyone has a less than perfect experience they should contact us!

  • LifeProof

    We have been extremely inundated in the recent weeks since the 4S release and we have tripled our support staff and our response times are our top concern! 

  • LifeProof

    Hi Jessica,

    It can take a week or so for the screen to settle. I hope everything worked out for you. If not, feel free to contact us because Best Buy customers are eligible for warranty replacements through us. 

  • Anonymous

    got the case… it came broken they wont and dont care no way to get ahold of them I’v tried twitter, email, ph calls. nothing this company sucks.

  • Anonymous

    Hey dusty they dont answer the phone or email or twitter. so you look bad telling people to call them. it’s frustrating.

  • Anonymous

    this company sucks BIG TIME

  • Sanity

    I find it hard to believe that @lifeproof did not respond to you and address your concerns.

  • LifeProof

    Thank you for your concern. Emails and phone calls have increased 20-fold since the 4S release. We are in the process of increasing our support staff by eight-fold. We ask for your patience as it will take a few weeks to work our way through the back log. Our customers are very important to us. 

  • LifeProof

    Our Customer Service is our top concern. You will begin to see an improvement very shortly! 

  • Anonymous

    We have no personal experience with LifeProof customer service, but they always seems friendly when they contact people that comment within this article. But as always, for any product we review, we recommend consumers purchase their item from a retail store where they have experienced the return policy and purchasing item from before. The LifeProof case is currently available at Best Buy, Amazon, and directly through LifeProof and we await to see where else they will be sold.

  • Anonymous

    I love this case! i work in the concrete industry with dust,dirt and mud being the every day norm. I have zero complaints about this case other than its a little hard to hear the other person talking but i use mic earphone 90% of the time. when i shower it showers with me and comes out clean and new looking. there is signs on wear on the screen protecter but what do you expect for a high traffic area.
    My otterbox scratched my last phone due to all the openings allowing in dust and have been waiting for this ultimate case to be developed. Good work lifeproof you truely are lifeproof for me 10 out of 10 for me

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  • Ken

    I’m getting REALLY close to buying this case for my iPhone 4. My only hold up, is the “dock extender”. My car (2009 Dodge Challenger) currently has an included iPhone connecter, that will not plug into the case (same with the Otterbox Defender case). My question is: has ANYone found a dock extended that actually works and is of good quality? I have read the reviews of the reccomended “radtech” extender, and they aren’t pretty at all! Any suggestions? I don’t want to drop $80 for a case that wont plug into my car!

  • Anonymous

    Hey there Ken, thanks for your comment! I will have tried the SendStation dock-extender with no luck. Just to rule that one out for you. But I will be trying something from that looks promising. They demo their dock extender with a case that I almost though was a lifeproof from pictures and video. But I could see that it only closely resembled that case. I will test it out and if it works will shot a video of it.

  • Ken

    Thanks Solomon! I look forward to the review!! :O)

  • Anonymous

    Where can I purchase this case? Lifeproof is out of stock, I can’t find it on Amazon & Best Buy has it for $79.99 but I thought it was cheaper than that!

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry I am looking the the belt clip from Lifeproof that is out of stock can anyone help me locate the belt clip for the Lifeproof case?

  • Anonymous

    Best Buy should have them

  • Anonymous

    although Life Proof states that its cases (iphone 4/4s cases)are waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and etc….after I bought mind and I carefully inspected the case.  I am confedent that all of their statements are not true. Lifeproof exagerates their ads both in words and videos.  how would lifeproof case is waterproof and/dustproof sinc the air goes in and out when you put the bottom of the case into your mouth and blow the aire in and suck out.  I dont have to do any further tests, I confident my iphone will definitely damage if I drop my iphone into the water. This is the Gen2 case.  I bought it for 79.99 plus tax.  It does not worth the money.  Save your 80+$ for something else.

  •élie-Langlois/560847099 Amélie Langlois

    I just got my lifeproof case yesterday and I have a question concerning the  2 bottom microphone openings. If you look from the inside of the case, they are not made the same (right?). One has a thin smooth grey layer  covering the opening (like the top speaker one), the other one: a thin black screen, and the membrane inside is wrinkled… This is my concern. Can anyone tell me if your case seems to be made the same way? I am worried that it could compromise the waterproof feature…

  • Sterling Brooks

    My LifeProof case (purchased at Best Buy in Abilene, Texas in late November) while doing a good job of protecting my iPhone, is TERRIBLE in regard to audio feedback/echo problems. I sent an e-mail to LifeProof yesterday to advise that I had sent my iPhone back to Apple complaining about this, and Apple sent the phone back saying it was fine. I finally took the iPhone back to AT&T where a savvy customer service rep stated “It’s the LifeProof case causing these problems.”  

    I contacted LifeProof yesterday by e-mail asking them to look at the review I wrote on Amazon. LifeProof offered me no resolution, no replacement, no satisfaction.

    I probably will saw the case in half on a bandsaw and post a video on YouTube advising how terrible the product is, and how lousy their “after the sale” attitude is in regard to warranty issues.
    I’m furious!

  • Anonymous

    I will to my LifeProof contact and see if they can contact you on the matter,stay tuned to this comments field for a LifeProof rep. to respond

  • kavan rawrir

    how do i get one in australia reply to 

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  • Casey Culpepper

    I have had my case on for about 90 days now and take it into the shower constantly, I play music while in the shower and have taken a couple calls as well. It is waterproof!!!!! without being a Physics guru I can not explain how this is possible but it is. I believe it has to do with the polarity that water has. Regardless you are supposed to test the case prior to putting the phone in there. It works period. I have other issues with the case but the “PROOF” part you speak of are without fail.

  • Free IPhone & Free Gadgets

    the case looks amazing i saw one of these at a best buy mobile store it looks great. Does the front clear cover work with the buttons well? 

  • Kevin Rothstein

    Just thought I’d put in my 2¢.  I purchase a black, 2nd generation LifeProof case for my iPhone 4S last Saturday.  I have had the case for only two days, and I’ve been having problems with the earphone connector that comes with the case.  When I fully screw the jack on the connector into my iPhone, I cannot control the remote on my apple earphones.  Thus, the microphone, volume, and Siri do not work.  The only way I have been able to get the remote to work is if I halfway insert the connector jack into the plug of the phone.  This is frustrating, because obviously only screwing the jack halfway is not going to prevent water from getting in (especially since the rubber gasket is exposed).  Also noteworthy, moving the connector around often causes the sound in the earphones to break up and create a bunch of static.  
    I thought I’d call about the issue, and I cannot believe how hideous LifeProof customer service is!  I have called over 15 times throughout the day, ever since I got up this morning.  Guess how many times I got to talk to a representative?  ZERO.  I have called the numbers on their website, and even after trying every available option they offer on their machine, every single one of them plays music, then it goes to an answering machine.  It allows you to take a message, but it is absolutely pointless because it hangs up after 5 seconds.  The half dozen times I tried to leave a message I didn’t even get to say my number.  This is all I’d literally be able to say, “Hi, my name is _____.  I am calling about a problem with….’YOUR MESSAGE HAS BEEN SAVED.  YOU MAY HANG UP NOW’ [phone automatically hangs up].”I also tried e-mailing them about the issue with my connector cable.  I got a “confirmation e-mail” stating they value my request, but I did not get a reply about my issue.I have NO idea how people can say their customer service is good.  I even read a comment below by LifeProof below that was dated back to November 21, 2011, that stated the following:”Thank you for your concern. Emails and phone calls have increased 20-fold since the 4S release. We are in the process of increasing our support staff by eight-fold. We ask for your patience as it will take a few weeks to work our way through the back log. Our customers are very important to us.”  It has been four months!!!  I can’t imagine what their customer service must have been like in November.Just to note, there are many reviews about problems with this case and its predecessor.  At first I thought they were just complaints about minor or rare issues, but now I see that the overall quality of the case is horrendous.  Apparently, LifeProof didn’t take time to release a high quality case the first time around, but instead has been releasing cases with lots of defects–you wouldn’t find this in a company that actually cares about the quality of its products it puts in customers’ hands.  All in all, I wouldn’t trust them with my iPhone.In summary, I am absolutely frustrated with the quality of the product and the customer service.  For $84 per case it seems like they would be more on top of things.  I was hoping it wouldn’t come down to this, but I am going to return my case to BestBuy.  I also purchased a $50 armband from their website and it is in the mail right now.  The very second I receive it I will be returning it too.

  • חזי זלאיט

    looks like its worth the money

  • Terry Wong JS

    Hello , i wanna ask , did you use your screen protector together with the lifeproof case? cause i checked the website and they recommended that i do not use screen protectors as the water might leak in.. But if i dont use a screen protector the rainbow spots oil spots on my phone keeps appearing unless i do a baby powder trick which is annoying. So my question is , does an extra screen protector on the front of the iphone really affect the case?

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