First QNX phone from RIM revealed to be the Blackberry Colt

Research In Motion (RIM) has recently announced, with the help of Sprint, its new line of Blackberry 7 OS devices. I doubt those devices will have any successful traction because many consumers already know that RIM will be launching devices that will be equipped with their new QNX platform. QNX is the attractive operating system that was released on the Blackberry Playbook and would be amazing to see on a smartphone. According to a Boy Genius Report, RIM intends to launch a QNX equipped device, codenamed the Blackberry Colt, somewhere around Q1 of 2012.

RIM has always been the last company to raise their hand at the progression of features. In fact, there are rumors, that the Blackberry devices coming out next year will have single core processors when we have already passed the realm of dual-core in most new devices. I just don’t know how RIM plans to succeed with any non-QNX devices in the meantime, when in just a few months it will be nearly obsolete. The application support is probably going to be abysmal. Do you still have any hope for the future of RIM, chime on in the comments field below!

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