Amazon EC2 Service Down, takes out Netflix among others

Looks like the Amazon EC2 service is completely down. Services that depend on Amazon services include Hootsuite, Netflix, Foursquare, Reddit, etc. All of these services are down as of this writing. This has happened before to Amazon, hopefully they can get services restored asap.

Update: Its just East-1 however that still brings down a large chunk of services.

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I was a Computer and Information Technology student at Purdue University. I have always wanted my own website and have been fascinated with technology my entire life. So here I am, what's next?
  • Melissa Elizabeth Henke

    checked reddit it worked for me. D:

  • Bradley Wint

    and reddit is the only site hosted on AWS right?

  • Melissa Elizabeth Henke

    I have no idea. im not a comp techy person… i just know im getting mad at netflix  :(  i wanted to watch the rest of the movie i was watching -.-

  • Mike Pass

    and this is only the beginning……….

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